Why should you consider perforated windows?

If you still need to see through those big windows of yours and have a big impact, this is the best solution. Are you looking for the best perforated film designers, printers and installers? We know that your business is important for you. We also know that being seen, making a presence locally and making a big impact mean a lot to you. Perforated window films are an affordable way for every day people who pass by your business to know where you are and what you do. In high traffic areas, this can mean 5,000 times and more exposures per day.

We are able to handle any application in locations like Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Longeuil, Quebec, Ottawa and Gatineau.

Look below at some of the projects that we have created, maybe they will help spark your imagination on new window decorations, promotions or ideas.


Why should you consider window lettering or decals?

Window lettering is when you have basic words and letters cut out and applied on the window. This includes dye-cut vinyls and printed stickers. These designs can also be simple logos. Sometimes simple is better.


Why should you consider frosting your windows?

Frosted windows are great for decorating your windows or if you need a bit more privacy from outsiders. Office spaces sometimes need privacy for meeting rooms or maybe just a face-lift from the boring glass pane. They add a nice classy touch to any glass and window surface.


Designing the right window graphics is essential if you want to be seen. We want to help you maximize the impact you have and your visibility so let our team help you design the ideal solution for your windows. We offer designs and give you the chance to pick what you think would be the ideal solution.

Turn Key Solutions

We take care of the designs, we take care of the printing and we also take care of the installation for your perforated window designs. Let us help you do the heavy lifting for you so that you can really focus on what matters most, your business.

Hit the Target

Throwing an axe with your eyes closed is the same as putting random words and pictures on your windows. We focus on making everything precise and exact so that you target exactly who you want.

Don't let another person pass by without knowing who you are.

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