TOP 3 THINGS you can do for your TESLA

TOP 3 THINGS you can do for your TESLA

Are you a new Tesla owner living around Montreal? Are you thinking of purchasing a new Tesla model? Have you been seeing more and more Tesla car on the streets?

Well, we have certainly seen our fair share of Tesla’s recently. In the last few months, we have been lucky enough to receive several new Tesla cars. Owners come to us directly from the dealerships and want to know what are their options in protecting their newly delivered car.




So what are your options?

We recommend protecting the body paint by having a Paint Protection Film installed. It is an invisible film that protects your vehicle against damages. This product has a self-healing component and its durability helps protect whatever comes between you and the road.

With our XPEL Ultimate Plus film, we can offer peace of mind with their industry leading 10 year manufacturer warranty.