Paint Protection and Wrap Company in Montreal Specialize in TESLA

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Are you a new Tesla owner living around Montreal? Are you thinking of purchasing a new Tesla model? Have you been seeing more and more Tesla car on the streets?

Well, we have certainly seen our fair share of Tesla’s recently. In the last few months, we have been lucky enough to receive several new Tesla cars. Owners come to us directly from the dealerships and want to know what are their options in protecting their newly delivered car.




So what are your options?

If you’re looking to PRESERVE the original condition of the vehicles paint, we recommend protecting the paint by having a Paint Protection Film installed. It is a clear and invisible film that protects your vehicle against damages. This product has a self-healing component and its durability helps protect whatever comes between you and the road. Not only will it protect paint but it will also prevent rust from forming that usually develop from rock chips.

We are certified for installing XPEL Ultimate Plus film, 3M PRO SERIES and even LLUMAR PLATINUM.


We are able to restyle your vehicle any way you want with our vinyl or paint protection film.

VINYL WRAP is an amazing option for your Tesla if you are looking to restyle it. We can either wrap the entire vehicle or we can wrap sections or even just the chrome trims which is often referred to as a chrome delete. This will allow you restyle it and the best part is that it is completely reversible! This means that you can have it back to the original condition whenever you want. 


ARE YOU IN LOVE with your current colour but wish it came in a satin or matte finish? Paint protection film now gives you the ability to do just that and on top of that you will be protecting your paint with an extremely durable film!

With the best warranty in the industry. Top Wrap Canada is able to offer Montreal, Quebec with the best warranty on the market. Feel free to visit our shop and find out how we can help you.